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Qualified counselors to help you improve your mental health.

While a person can feel better after a long talk with a friend or relative, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Talking with a trained listener helps alleviate emotional distress for good. The counselors in our practice are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you get to the very root of your emotional concerns.  

Family Resources Inc. has been in business and serving clients since 1999. During that time, it has been our privilege to serve hundreds of individuals, families, and relationships.  Just as everyone needs a physician from time to time, everyone can also benefit from the help of a therapist. It does not indicate weakness or poor spirituality. It simply means that one is suffering from an emotional or mental problem that is common to all of us. Everyone grieves, stress gets to us, and anyone can become depressed. As with a physical problem, the longer one puts off fixing it the worse it becomes. It is not a bad idea to have a family or individual mental health check-up. We will provide this in a professional, confidential, and non-judgmental fashion

Visit Us

2473 Care Dr. Ste 101

Tallahassee, FL 32308

P: 850.567.1102

F: 850.298.8857

Available Treatments

  • Anxiety

  • Couples/Marriage

  • Relationship 

  • Transition letters

  • LGBTQ+

  • Neurofeedback

Family Resources is  currently offering Dynamical Neurofeedback® by NeurOptimal®

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