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Dream Group - Sharing the stories of our nightly dreams is an age-old practice for increasing self-awareness and discerning life purpose. The work of the group will be based on the work of Carl Jung and conducted with a specific process used by dream groups throughout the country.


Have you ever wondered what the bewildering variety of images, persons, symbols, and dramas mean and how we can "harvest" the material from our own unconscious for healing and growth? Dreams can provide alternative solutions to our problems, help us resolve conflicts, or allow us to become acquainted with deeply hidden parts of ourselves. Most dreams are about the dreamer, the dreamer's world, and the dreamer's relationship between them. Every dream is unique and created by the psyche. ​


All people dream on average 1 1/2 hours and have 6 or more dreams each night. This group will help each of us unlock what our dreams mean for us and to experience others' dreams as our own.


     • 8 Weeks—Tuesdays 6-7:30PM starting September 5th
     • $200 for entire group session (collected after first session


To inquiry or sign up, please contact Judi at

Dreams come to show us new ways of being in the world, encouraging us to claim our destiny and our happiness.

- Rita Dwyer

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